Garage Cabinet Choices

Most garage cabinet choices in the industry!

RedLine offers more storage cabinet styles and sizes than any other custom garage storage manufacturer. With the various styles, widths, depths and individual cabinet configurations available, more than 500 cabinet choices are available. And all RedLine garage cabinets are available in your choice of 12 great powder-coated colors. You can be sure to find a perfect fit for your space, tastes and storage needs.

Create your perfect garage

What do you need in your garage? A work surface for projects? Cabinets and drawers to store small items, tools or parts? Tall cabinets to store larger items out of sight, but within reach? Whether you need a few cabinets for a small area or lots of cabinets for a large area, we’ve got the storage solutions for you.

And if space is an issue, we have tall storage cabinets in depths as little as 12″ with wide opening bi-fold doors that need only 7″ of clearance to open. If you need additional storage for larger or bulky items, but your space is really tight, our Storage Walls or overhead storage may be perfect for you, and are a great compliment to our cabinets.

All garagegear cabinets are designed to work together to fit any need, configuration or space. Take a look at the garagegear cabinets below, and we think you’ll be convinced.

Want to see how cabinets would work in your garage or work space? Click on the links to the right to download pdfs of our various cabinet styles, print them out and cut and paste to create the layout you want. Nearly all of our custom garage storage configurations are included, so you can get exactly the combination of cabinets you want. Then contact the Agent in your area to make it happen for real.